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Kiddie Memories of Second Grade

Kiddie Memories of Second Grade

Facebook not only brings people closer — finding long-lost friends and acquainting new ones — it also rekindles old memories,..

December 8, 2013 with 0 Comments
High School Reunion

High School Reunion

My wife and I recently watched The American Reunion, the latest sequel to the American Pie chain of films I have come to consider as one of..

August 14, 2012 with 0 Comments

Life at UIC Computer Center

Right after graduating at UIC, I was in a hurry to get a job and put aside plans of going abroad. I know experience is a great teacher so I..

March 20, 2011 with 5 Comments

Solenoid Project at Circuits I

When I was at third year in UIC, I belonged to a Circuits class of Engr Marife N., a fresh graduate at University of San Carlos in Cebu and..

September 20, 2010 with 0 Comments
Philweb Memories

Philweb Memories

In not so distant past, I was one ambitious monkey attempting to dive into cyber space at the dawn of the Web. By the time I was officially..

September 18, 2010 with 1 Comment

Back to School

I can’t help it but always look back years back. It’s almost June and even if we know this is a wedding month, something I..

June 6, 2005 with 1 Comment

Remembering The Teachers

I spent 17 years in formal education. It spanned five institutions and learned 26 different subjects under 48 different teachers. I met..

August 30, 2003 with 0 Comments
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