Why Time Flies Faster When You Get Older

As I grow older, the concept of time moving faster becomes more evident every single day. Friends say, ang bilis ng panahon, parang kailan lang, , etc.

Why is it so?

Time is relative, scientifically speaking. Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity says that time is relative depending on its observer, and slows down with gravity and acceleration.

While its actual measurement is the same, our mental perception of time can be different, and time seems to pass much faster the older we get.

Routine makes time go faster.

When we’re new to a place, or first day at work, time seems to move rather slowly, just like any other memorable time (your wedding, first visit to a place you dreamed of going to). But when it becomes a routine, we become more comfortable but also makes time seem to pass by faster.


You get preoccupied with more things.

This is my theory. When we’re younger, we have a smaller circle of friends, fewer birthday parties to attend to, and fewer commitments to pay attention to. As we grow older, we have more responsibilities, and fulfilling them becomes more challenging. With a finite amount of time and more things to squeeze, we think of time flying as we’re very much preoccupied with a variety of things.

Relative time alive.

When we celebrated our second birthday, the past year is 50% of our entire life. But when we’re a hundred, our first year is just 1% of it, which makes us think that time moves much faster because we have plenty of years (and experiences) back we can compare with.

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