Down Under Farewell Party

It was a busy day at work at my former digital agency. In fact, it was a continuity of the previous day’s schedule (you can call it the previous month’s too since today was the first of July). Colleague Ginny Wong and I left the office at in the morning after finishing the touches on a Japan tourism project.

It was raining when I got home, but before I went to bed, I managed to watch an early Simpson’s episode, “Moaning Lisa”. It’s rather queer since Homer’s voice was different, uncharacteristic from the way Dan Castellaneta does it.

Anyway, I fell asleep watching it. When I woke up it was past 10. It’s been a long time since I woke up this late. Contrary to most of the others who stay in bed later on weekends, I wake up earlier by an hour on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays because I feel I can accomplish more with a day not defined by a weekly routine.

For me to accomplish things like getting a haircut, follow up Genex cargo stalled in the warehouse in Davao, and do groceries would save me doing this on a weekend. Today is SAR Establishment Day, a public holiday.

It’s also Raul Ramirez’s birthday. Later today I had my household meeting with Zandro Barcelona and Junjun Olympia at Zandro’s place in Po Lam. We also met Anthony of SFC Beijing and discussed being a facilitator with him. With everybody busy with the seminar, I have no doubt things will get better in handling the event.

But one of the main highlights of the day was the farewell party for Jenny Perez. She was set to move to Sydney to start another phase in life. I made a personal haiku for her the other dawn:

“The time has come to pack and head towards the Outback
To bid goodbye to dim sum, to the Peak
The MTR ride, every day of the week..”

“So they say, life’s like that
In constant motion, changes and all that.
As you’ll reluctantly say farewell
To the place and people you got to know and loved well,
The memories remain, to everyone you will tell.”

“We’ll miss your talks, we’ll miss your sharings
Your being with us in Christmas parties and Halloweens”

“You are soon welcomed by hopping kangaroos,
and the mystic beauty of the Uluru.
To the ever diverse horizons of Down Under,
We do hope they’re there to ease the pains of missin’ you.”

“Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, you name it
The places are a wonder, they got it
While you miss the splendid Victoria Harbour
We guess Sydney’s Darling is just across your door”

“Thank you Jenny for being with us
Through the tram, the ferry or the minibus.
Our friendship’s always gonna be
Strong and faithful like a Sequoia Tree”

We hear you say:
“Thank you Yung Kee, thank you Gucci
Thank you ifc, and the wonderful shopping spree
It’s been terrific all these years you’re all here with me
Last but not the least, thank you SFC”

Later on, I joined Karen, Onin and Carol to Insomnia in Lan Kwai Fong for drinks and unwinding.  I recall my last visit to the bar was four months prior. Although I am not a bar person, once I am invited and come along, I always enjoy feeling light during the hours of stay, holding that Budweiser bottle, dancing and poking fun at random people who would playfully get back to us despite the incomprehensible conversations and cloud of smoke.

I even saw one of my students swinging to the break of dawn with a couple of her cousins flaunting in front of the band, who are their friends off the stage.

The night was filled with laughter, booze and loud music. I know my head will go bonkers tomorrow and I’ll be bound to be in bed for the whole morning. But hey, it’s payday Friday and everyone wants to relax.

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