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When I lost my job early this year, I committed to develop a website for a client of the company employing Edwin, the boyfriend of my Chinese friend Janice. It was what I wanted to do in the process of getting a full time job and visa sponsorship. Things were doing fine as I discussed with my primary contact, Williamson.

At the beginning of the project I was given timetable but not sufficient resources to develop the program; I had to do it given my time, skill and chosen platform. As I was also busy teaching in the morning, I had less time for the program. I had to do the latter since the school promised sponsorship. Then on I started to work crazy hours just to keep up the schedule. Never did I know that the client terminated its agreement with the company in product dealership. The client is a popular battery maker based in Kwai Chung. The legal battle would start even if I would never be aware of it until about five months later. In the meantime I got employed by PCL which eventually restricted me from working on projects outside the office.

Williamson then called up and asked for the edited web content as proof that the company did some work on the battery loyalty program. It was to be stopped indefinitely upon the severance of its business relationship with the client.

Now, I do not know what my participation in the litigation will be. I hope it will be minimal so as not to disrupt my work at PCL where I also have my hands full of work.

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