Turning Cantonese


I was surprised by Pauline”s comment that I sound like a Chinese talking in English, having lost communication through the phone for a long time, she thought I have a strong Cantonese accent while conversing English with her. I have never had any improvement talking the language and so maybe since I am talking to Chinese people most of the time in the office, except Waseem and Marcus, (throw in Cyrus and Ginny who are also good English speakers). I encountered a new term on the movie Driving Miss Wealthy aboard KA from Beijing. Filipintonese is the accent Filipinos (especially domestic helpers) speak the local language with certain inaccuracy in tone. A combination maybe of Tagalog accent and minced gwong dung wah words.

It is despicable to know that my noontime siesta is a big issue (as big as asking a HK girl of her age) to some of my colleagues. I hate it!

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