Travel Woes


It has been a week since I traveled to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in a span of five days. And guess what was often my problem while traveling and should have brought all along. Not Polymagma tablet. Not a pair of slippers. I forgot to bring a pair of shorts but it is not the one. It is the tiny piece of spare cellular phone battery.

I charged the phone in Singapore. I would inevitably use it (and drain it quicker) to place a call and keep in touch with friends to set up meeting places somewhere, may it be in McDonalds Puduraya or Victory Monument BTS Station; SMS does a little less help.

As battery life drains faster with phone calls, I became cautious once my 6100 reaches 2 bars and would not attempt to make a call nor answer it. I resort to SMS to save energy. Once in Kuala Lumpur I was aided by a bold Indonesian companion to ask for a favor to charge my phone in a travel agent office. I had no problem with the charger as it is always with me. Where to plug it becomes a problem.

So next time when your phone has roaming service, do consider bringing your phone charger and spare battery.

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