Thank You Friends in Hong Kong


Year 2006 is about to fold and once again, a year has passed filled with lifelong memories.

I’d like to dedicate this post to friends here who have been just great to be around with. As always, there’s no chronological order here:

Peter Mercado.
A busy buddy but always finds time to share his time. He is also a generous host, offering his place not only for household meetings but also for Xbox 360s, karaoke, practices and free table tennis venue!

Karen Lourdes Obispo.
When I boarded the plane to Hong Kong for the first time, she was at my side. I think she knows me more than anybody of my friends here do. A
friend through thick and thin, Karen will get married on January 2007. Congratulations!

Decibel Faustino.
Dei got in touch with me through the SFC web site while seeking for a community in Hong Kong. Since then she gets along with guys and gals very well. I am very glad the site became a bridge between Dei and SFC Hong Kong community.

Zandro Barcelona.
A tireless believer and a proven leader, Zandro was my flatmate from early 2002 to late 2003. His importance to guiding the Hong Kong community of singles is immeasurable. He is well-liked and gets along very well to everyone too.

Joyce Kwong.
I knew Joyce before I moved into the same building where she and her family lives. A thoughtful person, she brings me some food upstairs,
has some meaningful gifts, accompanies me around Quarry Bay for a walk on any fine evening.

Mark Francis Tan.
Mark is a member of our SFC household. At the start he appears inactive because he seldom joins our gatherings but one event changed him 180
degrees. He is an inspiring bro who seems to say YES all the time in the name of service. Makes me wanna serve more!

Ginny Wong.
Ginny is a special person. Our desks sit next to each other in the office. But more than just officemates, we are good friends who spend time outdoors on certain ocassions, causing some first time experiences and nice dinners.  Her thoughtfulness would have earned her my Person of the Year if I had the chance to pick one.

Samuel Moyani.
Sam is a passionate guy I worked with at Phil Women’s University. I don’t know if he does it to everyone but whenever I have requests, he ensures everything goes well and my requests are met.

Romeo Olympia Jr.
Among the most intelligent guys in town, Junjun is a person who is gifted with superior intelligence and wisdom to handle things from organizing events to giving talks. He is a certified gentleamn too so I’d say Aileen is blessed to have Junjun for a husband.

Melissa Janeo.
Sasa is a friend recently met this year. But just like Dei, she seems to get along to anyone, even if she is the only girl in the group. She also has a servant’s heart that trials in life could not prevent her from serving. A great host whose cozy home is open to us all the time (once she is around).

Edralin Doria.
Like Sasa, I met Eboi just this year and just like Mark (his twin?) he is a great friend to be with, whether it’s our household meetings, fellowships or just hanging out outdoors.

Cissy Yim.
Cissy is from Hong Kong but currently in Cambodia for a service mission. The only person I featured in my blog as far as I can remember, because of her outstanding work and friendship.

Edna Nayre.
Edna is not from Hong Kong and no longer in Hong Kong. But she deserves to be in this list. She is our coordinator at Mt Carmel Church in Wan Chai, keeping our lector schedule in check. But what I am indebted more is when she bailed me out of further trouble from my most unforgettable experience in Hong Kong (around February 2005).

Charlene Andrade. A kind hearted kindergarten teacher. She seems to talk quite a lot, but that’s understandable because she deals with children 70% of the time. Which is why when I organized a ping pong game, she was just ecstatic to join the gang.


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  1. Dei says


    You are one amazing person. You actually took time to thank people for the smallest things, when in fact, I should be the one exclaiming my gratitude to you and your heartfelt hospitality…specially when I was seeking new friends (in short, KSP ako noon) in HK. THANK YOU Rem! I wish for you a happier new year!


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