Taxing the OFWs


There is a proposal to tax Overseas Filipino Workers, the so called modern day heroes. I am glad I am called a hero in my own right. Well, to be taxed in my host country and in my home country can really be a burden but somehow I would like to help the Philippines in anyway I can (as if dollar remittances are not enough).

The thing that I hate is that money coming from diligent hands end up at unscrupulous, stupid people in the government.

I would not be surprised many people working abroad will get mad at this move. Imagine, here in Hong Kong Filipino domestic helpers started paying levy to the Hong Kong government since last year, which in effect removes a significant amount of salary for the lowest-paid job in the city.

Here comes the ailing economy of the Philippines, at risk of falling into fiscal crisis which calls for us to help. Why not help if we could. As we say, it is better to give than to receive. But since the trust of people towards the government”s handling of public money has been waning, it seems not many Filipinos are willing to sacrifice because public officials still ride luxury cars worth millions going to the office, junkets abroad and all sorts of extravagance.

OK, I change my mind, I am not willing to be taxed by the Philippines, even if I am stripped of my title as modern day hero.

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