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Hong Kong is a gastronomic paradise.

Or so they say. It is home to thousands of restaurants, from relatively-unknown to the Michelin-certified, Hong Kong map can easily double as table menu. Armed with eye popping choices of food, views and occasional chance to rub shoulders with the local who’s who, restaurants are poised to win our hearts to try their signature dish. To a hungry stomach, no expensive menu is not affordable.

But not long after we paid the bills, our plates are washed and as the chef punched in his time card on his way out, piles of food waste lay at the front yard waiting to for dump trucks to pick them up and throw them out somewhere.

About 3,200 tons of food is wasted in Hong Kong¬†every day. Unconsumed food or leftovers from from restaurants, hotels and other commercial and industrial sector continues to grow. With Hong Kong’s limited space allocated for landfills — three of them will encounter overcapacity before 2020 — reducing waste is an urgent matter.

Especially if waste aren’t necessarily waste; they can be reused for good purpose instead of clogging our dumpsters.

Food is an especially wonderful resource to be wasted. People in Hong Kong may have felt the sting of inflation and that includes rising cost of food. Yet, big supermarkets can afford to throw away unsold food items which could address hundred’s of family’s meals every single day.

Enter the food charities, such as Foodlink Foundation, which help distribute food from Hong Kong’s hotels to fellow charity groups who care for less fortunate members of the society.

Although the intention is noble, anyone who feeds the hungry is doing an honorable job, there are also risks they face. If the ones they feed fall ill due to food poisoning, they could face lawsuit. Unlike their counterparts in USA and Australia, these charities have no legal protection regarding the matter.

Hong Kong’s lifestyle of lavish banquets and bottomless buffet culture may be appealing to many of us, but the fact is that huge amount of food is wasted every single day is simply an unsustainable cycle. One day we may come to realize there’s nothing left on the table for us to eat.

Let’s not wait for this doomsday scenario to happen. Stop food waste, order what you can consume. And to hotels and restaurants, be more responsible. Stop food waste. Support Foodlink.

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