Still Summer to Me


I met Pauline, an ex colleague from PCCW and had dinner with her friends at a newly-wed couple”s house somewhere in Quarry Bay. I met new friends including Filipinos Rey and wife Chat, Jack and Joan (spelled right?). It is amazing that Jason, the husband, loves sinigang so much and the Chinese couple has cravings for Filipino food. With Filipino friends in the Bible talk group and taking dinner together before discussions, it is not surprising to have that desire. I still wonder why there are not so much Filipino restaurants in Hong Kong, where Filipino population must have been a good market for such homegrown delicacies.

It is the middle of September and I heard from two Hong Kong girls, Jacqueline and Pauline that they can feel the weather has calmed down (read: become cooler). I had that thought too, until this week that I still perspire a lot on my way to office from Tin Hau MTR Station.

Good to hear Melissa is alright on her endoscopy and should be able to attend her farewell dinner (along with Shasha) tonight at Po Lam.

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