Show More ‘Fun’ Videos in the Philippines


As I was watching America’s Funniest Videos shown at TVB Pearl last Saturday, I felt that this type of show should be a good fit for Philippine audience.

Being a fun-loving nation, whose latest selling point in the tourism front ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ ¬†obviously parlayed on the light-hearted disposition of Filipinos, we are definitely looking forward to having fun. In our culture, this is easily manifested. Some barrio fiestas have carabao racing, miss gay pageant and of course, food which binds all walks of life in celebration. I grew up listening to Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban and their songs filled with humor and reality. I watched Kulit Bulilit, Home Along Da Riles and Bubble Gang, all of which share a similar theme.


But I was wondering why has Philippine television continue to be awe-struck with reality shows, game shows and recycled soap operas that operate with different cast of characters. There are contests about cooking the best food, losing the most weight, talents getting most votes, and game shows that are just about guessing and leave audience nothing to think about. They’re fun at first but soon they’ll wear out their warm welcome.

With AFV, it’s a proven winner. And I wouldn’t say otherwise if it’s been on air for 23 seasons to date. As more Filipinos have access to all sorts of recorders, notably smart phones and CCTV cameras, there are more opportunities to showcase why ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’. We’re not just showing the tourist attractions in the country, we are also showing the innate attributes of a fun-loving people.

Maybe the Department of Tourism can partner with a local TV station whose format is to find a funny video of a typical Filipino life: in the market, in the bus station or shopping malls. It easily relates to the Filipino audience, apparently low-budget and promotes the country in a light-hearted manner. Since Filipinos are also known to be creative people — at least when poking fun at more serious matters — there could be plenty of this type of videos submitted, especially if cash prizes are offered.

I hope someone will at least try to take this concept into reality.

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