It has been my first priority to work here. After attempts to settle in Singapore have failed, I turned elsewhere and found some luck.

Now I am in Singapore to fulfil a promise and quench my thirst for traveling across different places. After a long day in the office today, I had finally settled to a cozy condo around Simei area whose occupant is a good friend back in Hong Kong, Benjie Asidillo.

I would like to meet my college pals Ana May, Toto, Butch, Joel, Joshua and Rendel. Former Hong Kong buddies Benjie, Tintin, Narnie, Girlie, Bong as well as my cousin April who just settled here, long time Singaporean pal Elaine, perhaps Jenny too, and Karen”s best friend Mayi.

I am scheduled to visit Petch in Thailand as well as Nyoman and newly-wed Johnson in Kuala Lumpur. With five days to spare in visiting three major Asian cities, I could well emulate The Amazing Race. I hope eveyrthing goes well.

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