Nowhere to Hide


The Philippines is 11th most corrupt country in the whole wide world, along with a few African and Asian countries which makes the country in a dubious position it could hardly get out of. Why? Because a lot of people are trying to hide this fact and even try to dissuade the masses from believing the country is in dire straits.

Take this from another PR attempt to clean the country”s image by doing a lot more talking than executing. Putting white clean cloth will not make a messy table look clean unless you wipe the dirt off.

It is a long weekend in Hong Kong as people visit their dead loved ones in this Cheung Yeung holiday. I have to settle things at home: reply e-mail, sort our paperworks, laundry, and yes, flathunting too.

I will watch The Exorcist with Jacqueline later.

Hey, I keep on watching Bloomberg television everytime I get to wake up early in the morning. The anchor is a Filipina, Catherine Yang who used to be with ABS-CBN while I was still in the Philippines. She used to be based in Tokyo, I think, but is now in Hong Kong. I wish I could come across her some time — maybe in Landmark, Times Square or Pacific Place. With generally mild American accent and, Filipinos can be good news celebrities, apart from journalism skills. Another Filipina news anchor is Regina de Luna who works for TVB Pearl here. CNN”s Veronica Pedrosa and Maria Ressa are also among those who make waves.

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