Filipina DH rules!


China athletes who won gold medals in the Olympics are in town to promote patriotism among Hongkies. It is a nice gesture especially that many HK people adore Chinese in Athens, apart from winning its second medal ever.

Hong Kong media though would rather focus on rumors of alleged relationship among two members of China diving team rather than the goodwill visit.

By the way, I forgot to mention last blog session that the trip was from Beijing China. It is rather a whirlwind travel for me and Gino who stayed there only over the weekend, though we were able to visit important places such as Forbidden City, Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.

A recent study released today showed that schoolchildren with Filipina domestic helpers fared better in English reading comprehension than those who had private tutors. Which reminds me of one true Filipino virtue shown in the movie of Gigi Leung and Lau Ching Wan (Driving Miss Wealthy, watched last nite aboard Dragonair en route to Hong Kong) where Lau portrays somebody who tries to emulate a typical Filipino driver here in Hong Kong: ever helpful, compassionate and all around the job.

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