Figaro Talk With Melissa


I met Melissa last Sunday and we had coffee at Figaro located at Chimes along Sales Street in Davao’s Chinatown district. First of all, the place don’t look very conspicuous compared to chic cafes in the city such as Blu Gre. But as it is right beside Davao’s exclusive dealer of imported goods, it well placed itself in an important area to a selective Davaoeña shopper especially in this season of Christmas.

I am not an avid coffee drinker but nevertheless tried the treat in a rainy Sunday afternoon. Mel forgot the key inside her car so she asked if I can wait a while. My time waiting was spent on examining groceries at nearby Felcris before deciding to buy a piece of toothbrush. Despite the rain and apparent distance of the place from the main crowded areas of the city, it has a devoted set of followers, from college students taking a weekend break, to Fil-Chinese friends talking about latest gadgets. I even thought one of the serving crew is a neighbor in Mintal.

OK, Melissa arrives partly soaked in the rain and looked apologetic.

The main purpose of meeting is to deliver her requested perfumes sold exclusively at Watson’s Causeway Bay. Her wedding is on Feb and the perfumes will suit her green wedding motif. I have known her for the past three years as a member of Singles For Christ Hong Kong and has been assigned at work here in my hometown. It’s just about two months and she has been busy with the preparations with her fiance Che who is in Manila. It’s never easy to prepare for a wedding especially if you have other concerns such as work and distance from the wedding and reception venues. Our community in SFC Hong Kong has seen recent weddings of members. Zandro, Tina and Shasha has had their weddings held in the past two years.

And with Melissa getting married soon, she has decided to move back to Manila and be close to her husband and will therefore leave Davao by middle of next year. This Figaro rendezvous could be one of the last in the City.


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