ESPN's New Look


I just can’t help but admire how ESPN continues to evolve as my favorite sports web site. Just like what I planned to do — a chronicle of events that shaped Davao all these years — it also detailed how the web site revolutionized the way sports journalism is delivered online.

With videos, high quality photos and content-rich pages, I can be stuck in the site for an hour reading the articles (provided I haven’t visited the site for the past 72 hours). And with the quality of their content so good that ESPN people began to think it’s even more informative that the daily newspaper’s sports section pegged at a dollar — for free. Which led them to create Insider, a fee-based special section that contains NBA rumors (haha!), specialized content and other interesting facts and stats. I subscribed for six months spanning 2002 and 2003 but later ditched it when I found some of the posts were reposted by generous subscribers on one fan forum. I later found another sports info source and became irked further when I can only see those orange “Insider” logos across ESPN’s NBA front page, mastered by Chris Ford and John Hollinger. I promptly posted my own sulking words towards ESPN.

But it did not last long before I came back frolicking over the scoresheets of ballgames between my favorite NBA team and formidable foes. ESPN is simply creative enough to rebrand itself as one of media’s telling example of how journalism should be mixed with entertainment. All you need to do is setup your broadband connection and the information keeps on shooting in your brains.

While its cable presentation still is awesome (I think they feature at least five SUNS games telecast on a lazy Saturday morning all throughout this season), its web site reinvents itself with those never before imagined technologies plugged into your browser (Desktop scoreboard, ESPN 360, etc). I just keep on switching the tab of my Firefox browser when the Phoenix Suns has a game and I am in office.

I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next time they make an update. Congratulations on your tenth year!


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