En route to Bangkok


Logging in at Singapore”s Terminal 1 free Internet access port, it is about 20 minutes before boarding Air Asia flight to Bangkok. Lately I have been depressed and feel uneasy of my travel. I have met my college pals last night but was unable to meet Toto and Joel. Also I met Narnie, but not Girlie.

My phone calls never get answered by Elaine, whom I promised to meet here since 2001. Petch who is the one I am meeting in Bangkok does not answer her phone too. Hopefully I will have a great time during my short visit.

I am hoping to meet Johnson, my recently-wed PCCW ex-colleague and Nyoman, my ever friendly Indonesian pal, in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. But first I have to hurdle the gap between Changi Airport and Lavander MRT station where the bus is going to originate; I have an hour or less to do that.

It has been an adventurous trip so far even if I haven”t got halfway through it.

Three cities, five days, twenty friends, a hundred photos (I hope so) is gonna sum up this self-titled adventure called “Amazing Race”.

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