Convenience and Inconvenience


I live alone in Hong Kong. But I rarely feel I am alone because the frenetic pace of life here sometimes blow me by. At the same time, technology and Hong Kong’s structured life has brought convenience in me.

* Convenience that I could stay home (room) the whole day and be in touch with many people using phone, e-mail, sms and instant
messaging without going away.

* Convenience that I can perform service as household head of Dodo, Mark, Eboi, Gino, Russ, Mike and Peter and conduct meetings as frequent as once a week.

* Convenience that I can be a lector at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church in Wan Chai one Sunday, hear Mass at St Joseph the next and be part of a choir to sing in distant St Vincent Church in the next.

* Convenience that I can still maintain my college class web site, the Singles For Christ web site and now I am into a new venture on search engine optimization.

* Convenience that I still have time to play squash with Karen or Zandro and company once every five weeks or so.

* Convenience that I manage to teach Filipina domestic helpers, who care enough that they deserve to learn more, every Sunday afternoon.

* Convenience that despite being on my own I do the cooking, attending to laundry, housework and grocery every Wednesday night or Saturday

* Convenience that I am able to arrange things such as watching a orchestra performance (this 29th at City Hall).

* Convenience to see beautiful things around such as the well done Airport simulation by Cathay Pacific at Hongkong MTR station and seeing the physical structures of shops whose pages I do optimize at StarStreet.

* Convenience that I still manage to keep in touch with college buddies, childhood friends, HK singles community and ex-officemates as moderator of Yahoogroups.

* Convenience that I do update this blog quite regularly, plus my blogs at Friendster, MSN Space and my personal web site.

But I have to admit I also stopped doing things I wanted to do.

* I suspended reading Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat and Flat Feet and Full Steam by Christopher Portway.

* I could not study Japanese calligraphy and prunounciation.

* I could not write about my previous travels in Korea and Vietnam.

* I could not check my telephone bill discrepancy nor follow up the expiring Powervantage account.

* I stopped scribbling my diary since early last year.

I don’t know if I do manage my time well but I think even if I am the most efficient person in the world, there are a lot of other things that can be done.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of time in a day to do things I want to do.


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