I subscribe to BBCNews, Star Sports, ESPN and Star World because of my limited viewing time. Another reason is that these channels have quality content suitable to my requirements, both on cable and online.

BBC News remains a favorite channel (I love their pumping melody during news headlines) and is an “unselfish” news source which provides links of the same headline to other news web sites without loading the annoying new window.

ESPN is definitely a favorite (I would have chosen only this one if the package did not bundle ESPN with Star Sports). The web site is just awesome, leading others into the next generation sports journalism.

And while I stick to these channels most of the time, I get a glimpse of other sites like Fox, CNN and NBC. has been a good source as well, though I think the presentation is more Americanized than being international.

In terms of quality, has dipped a bit lately. When was reading an article about ABC’s Bob Woodruff injury, I found an error in the caption of the second photo. It says “ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff in a fire photo. The network reported he briefly opened his eyes Monday.” The “fire” should be “file”. It’s good though that errors can easily be reported (you need three clicks though to reach the wrong spelling feedback page) and I did my fair share of keeping it accurate as possible.

Indeed it is easy to spot the mistake of others than to keep myself from having one.


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