Christmas Vacation Wishes


Wishes on Christmas vacation and their outcomes.

  1. Find that elusive DV8 album.

    Outcome: I scoured shops at MusicZone, Odyssey and BCS across Victoria Plaza, Gaisano Mall and Gaisano Ilustre and I found none even part of a "various artists" selection. It’s a pity many sales ladies do not know the group.

  2. Gather high school friends for a whirlwind trip to the places we used to go to in the past: Shrine, Gap Farming, Pink Sisters, Victoria Plaza, Vales Beach and Banok’s Chicken.
    Outcome: We organized to meet up at a seafood hangout the day after my birthday. It never materialized; I realized they are all married and have more priorities in life. Better luck next time, if ever.

  3. Meet my godfathers and godmothers especially that my birthday falls a few days before Christmas.

    Outcome: I learned one of them died already and I only have a photo of him carrying me when I was two years old. I met only Ninang Nida who paid me a visit at home the day after my birthday.

  4. SMS, e-mail, call or send cards to friends near or far.

    Outcome: I don’t know all the numbers or home addresses or e-mail addresses of people I got to know and other friends are located on the other side of the world. Worse, Smart’s roaming service will say network is congested and I can’t make a call.
  5. Stay on the couch from 8pm to 2am watching music and comedy DVDs with the whole family.
    Outcome: My folks are either not at home all the time or are early risers and it’s therefore difficult to keep them awake late at night. I must remember I am on vacation and not in my late night DVD adventures in Hong Kong.


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  1. Ren says

    Hello Elmer! I'm sorry to hear that not all of your plans materialized. Well, nakauli ka so be happy, noh! ;o)

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