Chilly Springtime in Shek O


Happy Easter!

Temperature’s been dropping in late teens this Easter weekend. 17C is my idea outdoor temperature wearing shirt and no
sweaters. And it feels good especially that it’s April and summertime is impending. I wish Hong Kong temperature would stand as is in perpetuity. But it wouldn’t.

Couples For Christ Hong Kong found a good idea to celebrate Family Day on a spring season. It used to be late summer where weather’s just awfully humid. This time, the weather is tempered by South China’s easterly cool winds.

As is the tradition of the community, everyone in the ministry is invited. I missed the hiking expedition earlier in the month and I am making sure I am able to catch up with my chaps this time. True enough the weather alone was one great reason to come. We are to have this gathering in the Shek O, a beach town in a southern peninsula of Hong Kong. It has fine beaches facing South China Sea.

Zandro, Jay, Tina, Mike N, Jan, Gino, Mike S, Belle, Junjun were there plus a sizeable number of sisters from Sunday Group. A lot of weekday members are not around but it did not spoil the fun we had. Nobody is a volleyball expert and that made our beach volleyball “practice” session more fun. The bad thing though was that my old reliable Nike lost its left sole while negotiating the fine beach sands playing with Zandro, Mike S and Maia.

Overall the gathering was perfectly timed, we did not stay late, we had fun under the covered sun. Kudos CFC HK.


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  1. Raymond says

    Haha, buti kayo nakalabas noong Holy week. For some reason ,it rained hard here in Sing 🙁
    We had a party though. Tried to make sisig but it tasted like bopis and there was not enough left after the party for baon

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