Channel News Asia's Japan Quake Business Opportunity


Every event is a business opportunity. This maybe what Channel News Asia thinks all the time. Now that a lot of people are expected to follow the developments of the devastating earthquake that triggered a massive tsunami, CNA had its light bulb moment. Without wasting time, it drafted a sales pitched aimed at advertisers who wish to capture more eyeballs watching the Japan quake / tsunami coverage. As long as there are more people glued to their TV sets watching Channel News Asia, advertisers could pour in and buy ad 30-second ad spots. Regardless of whether it’s a popular TV drama, game show, or in this case a news broadcast.

For its lack of sensitivity, one might ask if CNA management imposed ultra high sales quota on its army of sales personnel. In a forwarded email claimed by the Online Citizen, sales folks reminded potential advertisers that the earthquake in Japan, measured at a massive 8.8 in Richter scale is a good advertising platform via Channel News Asia’s extended coverage.

Not sure if this topic will draw polarized reactions, but personally I see this as an opportunistic attempt to win business at the expense of human tragedy that has drawn attention worldwide. CNA could have simply sent the email without mentioning the Japan quake. Maybe this is a widely acceptable advertising ploy in Singapore, but personally I don’t buy this idea. The email did not mention if Channel News Asia or any news outfit doing the same approach will donate a portion of earnings to the people whose lives are now in danger.

I also wonder what kind of advertisers will this solicitation will draw. Insurance companies helping people realize that such loss could be mitigated if one has covered lives and properties under an insurance premium? Telecom companies who will encourage to buy phone cards and place a call? Or relief organizations who advertise asking for help, instead of using the money to buy blankets, bottled water or boots for the victims?


Source: The Online Citizen

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