I settled at Bangkok”s Kao San Road, a place famous for low cost guest houses. The trip from Singapore took 2 hours and 10 mins which is good news for my return flight later today. However I learned later that the departure is at 5:50pm (BKK time) then I will have to race again for the 10pm trip to KL since I am expected to reach Changi by 9:10pm.

It has been raining in Singapore, also raining in Bangkok, thus finding myself walking around MBK and trying to secure Narnie”s pasalubong. As expected, I did not get to see other views I would intend to see because of such short time and traveling can be a hassle with Bangkok”s traffic woes.

At least I had a very good sleep last night.

Onin is here to watch Thailand Open and I got a call from him asking if we could meet up. Hopefully we could.

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