As Tears/Years Roll By


On this Victoria Park pavement I came walking
On a fine chilly December evening
I grabbed my phone for I have to call you
And ask how is everything going

The phone kept ringing, ringing and ringing
There has been no answer from you
In excitement my heart kept pounding
At the eighth ring, still no response from you

How can this be that you’ve ignored me
When just a week ago at Causeway Bay we laughed freely
Thinking that you have placed your trust in me
Your refusal to my e-mails calls and SMS has sent me into misery

Before I sing Cliff Richard’s theme song
Allow me to think if I ever did something wrong
I’m so afraid to show my feelings
I have sailed a million ceilings

Remember the time when I wake you in the morning
Our movie trips to Cyberport, UA and JP Cinemas
Our church visits together I thought was the beginning
Now I realize I was just dreaming

I can only look at the photos of the happy past
When we’re with friends and being together was a blast
I’d admit I fell in love with someone else
But later on I found this chance with you shall never pass

Being there for me during those trying times
You are really someone special
I spent time writing love letters for you at the Central Library
Only to find out nothing beats being vocal

I never wanted to let this thing happen
For I value you much as a friend
But the commitment was intense I prayed to God to let me be
Your steward here on Earth until my breathe’s end

There were nights when we stayed late, and even once until the break of dawn
Those thoughts fill my mind for days on and on
Your time with me was very important present and past
For I do not know if the last time we’re together would be our last

I love you, you don’t need to ask me
You can see what I do and I’ve told you quite frankly
But you don’t seem to feel the same way
That’s why you let your phone ring all the way

Days have changed dramatically,
And as I age here in Hong Kong I feel even more isolated
Friends are everywhere but their suggestions are not answers to the questions
Nor their plans are not solutions to the problems

There were times I could not sleep at night
As you can see the evidence in my eyes
Looking at the photo album remembering the past
Realizing some things really doesn’t last

I still remember our first date
On a downtown fastfood we thought it wasn’t great
I loved to recall the late-night messages
When at 12 midnight or 1am, we were still both awake

Remember the time when I thought a lot of signs were pointing towards me and you
When I realize they are possibly out of coincidence and would be too good to be true
Now I crash back to reality needing to teach myself
That in life nothing should be

Do you recall that fateful evening
When I realized you caught me cheating
No amount of crying or explaining
Can help me win back the feeling

Maybe it’s about time I remove our photos together
On that small yet elegant photo frame
And the images of us next to each other all these years
I have to quit playing this silly game

I thought you penned the song "Don’t Speak"
For you know how I feel, when I am strong and when I am weak
Now I still do not know that as years este tears roll by
Why is there a word "good" in "goodbye"


  1. Marion Gay says

    what can i say?whew!naiiyak naman ako dito sa blog mo mer.remembering the feelings from the past…haaay…all i can say is experiences in life can be cruel but it will help us to become wiser.keep the faith mer.

  2. Joanne says

    a poem with emotions..nakaka-move basahin elmer! c",)

  3. An says

    Ayyyy….how sweet and corny!(hehehe!)in love ka ba dun?!?!hehehe…. but i did enjoy it….how lucky naman the girl to whom you dedicate that very "touching" poem…i can imagine the pain and resonate with the feelings expressed there by the author…Grabe elmer you surprised me there…how i wish someone would dedicate such a "nostalgic and dramatic"(to say the least ha?!) poem to me….that was great!i never knew you had that gift…iba na nga naman talaga nagagawa ng love…yikee….Keep it going elmer!

  4. alma says

    CORNY pero may dating….all i can say is:if you love someone dont give your 100% love (magtira ka 4 yourself)…and always remember:if LOVE can give you HAPPINESS it can give you also PAIN…..

  5. Gieanne says

    Uh-oh, guess I just can't speak after reading, must be I've read the wrong entry where I'm supposed to post my comment..Anyway, so there is..

    I can say, I can relate and while I can't just speak so much of the thing called love, it is sometimes a flu that hits us, and then later we realized, it flew ([email protected]@!!??) just like that..

    There are certain things we need to unravel, keep solvin' before we could go on to the next level, and man, I know, you can just simply get away with that, it's just a chapter that needs closure, nevertheless.. and someday.. someone's gonna come along more worthy of your love..

    Just keep goin' and hang in there!

  6. bABes m0dELo says

    well-well!!!what shall i do?the first time that elmer shared it to me all I can say she doesn't deserve u….there's a lot of it running around the planet but i never really expect along our company hmmmmmmm another story heheheh..take care

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