20 Things I Love About Hong Kong


In 2002, I wrote an article about Hong Kong and part of it tells what I like about this territory. I was just a year and half living here then so the comments I made were more general and nothing really specific. All I wrote there are similar to what you would probably read in Lonely Planet or some goody goody tourist booklet.

I am a fan of lists (and so is my brother that he fell in love with the book about lists I gave him when I went to Davao for vacation last year) so I am keeping one list of things that I love about Hong Kong. And this time, it’s something someone who lived in Hong Kong for at least a year will be able to relate.

  1. Extensive network of pedestrian overpasses in Central.
  2. Ever versatile Octopus cards.
  3. Sticker collection promos at Wellcome and ParkNShop purchases.
  4. On-time bus and train schedules.
  5. Mong Kok’s bargains, Causeway Bay’s shopping temptation.
  6. Esprit, adidas and Nike factory outlets.
  7. Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park.
  8. “Organized chaos” crowd in the morning and evening rush hours.
  9. Cheap tram rides.
  10. Keep right rule on staircases and escalators.
  11. Online booking for sports facilities everywhere.
  12. Payment by Phone bill payment feature.
  13. Carefree Lan Kwai Fong crowd.
  14. Numerous public holidays.
  15. Simple taxation system.
  16. Clear mobile phone reception (almost) wherever I am.
  17. Beef stomach noodle.
  18. Hot Milk Tea and Vitasoy Soya Bean Milk drink.
  19. Domestic tourism destinations.
  20. 24-hour McDonald’s and a lot of 7-Eleven anywhere.


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  1. Christine Rose says

    i love hongkong too.. =)

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